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Family feast.

Back from my road trip! And what better welcome home than finding that the photograph from my inaugural post, The birds & the (non-) berries placed third in the Originiality category of the Does My Blog Look Good In This contest, hosted last month by Grab Your Fork. I’m truly surprised—as an amateur I didn’t think that I’d even place out of all that beautiful competition. A big thank you to the judges!

kimchiTo celebrate, more photos! I’m sorry I didn’t blog from the road much, but heat, fatigue, and spotty wireless connections took their toll. I did manage to snap some photographs of Korean food at a big dinner. Family trickled in from Queens and Long Island to a cousin’s home in New Jersey for the feast. I pigged out, I admit it.

The pictures below are, from top to bottom, mook salad—mung bean jelly topped with scallions, cucumber, and soy sauce; kalbi—grilled, marinated short ribs, one of Korea’s signature dishes; and watermelon—fruit is always the favored dessert after a big Korean meal. Of course, the picture above is an obligatory kimchi photo required under international law to be posted by Korean food bloggers at least once a year. Really. You can look it up . . . somewhere.




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3 Comments on “Family feast.”

  1. Jesska Says:

    Man, I LOVE kimchi! :) Great photos, and congrats on the contest!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So THAT’s what those ribs are called! God, I love those things. I could eat them every three days.

  3. Annie Says:

    Jesska: Thank you! Always glad to hear from kimchi fans, lol.

    Anonymous: Glad I could help. Only every three days? You have restraint!