Let it . . . nooooooo!

I had an exciting cake recipe post planned, but after four attempts at the recipe this week alone, the cake still sucks. So yesterday I planned a trip to the grocery store today to buy something delicious, make something delicious with it, take a delicious picture, and write a delicious post about the deliciousness.

Potted mint in front of snowy windowUnfortunately, the sky dumped a foot of heavy, white, frozen crystalline water directly on top of my portion of the planet and then some. It’s like somebody’s out to get me, some immoral food blogger with super powers, maybe. Why a food blogger would harness his or her super powers not to fight crime but instead target a food blog with fewer readers than the number of days in the average Britney Spears marriage, I can’t say. It might be nothing more than my imagination warped by snow blocking vents on the house and causing odorless hallucinogenic fumes to build up. We can only hope.

Evil super villain food blogger treachery or not, I’m posting. So here’s a picture of my potted mint plant in front of my window covered with snow. My window has never been so covered with snow before. Mother Nature really outdid herself this time. I’ll have a delicious post or two next week, I promise.

4 thoughts on “Let it . . . nooooooo!

  1. Wanna switch spots? After a few “cold” days here in LA, it’s back to sunny weather, and I long for snow outside so I can be cozy inside….

  2. erin: In a few months I’d gladly trade places, but right now I’m happy about the snow. Finally it feels like the holidays!

  3. I cannot WAIT for snow this year! With my 8 month old little boy starting to crawl, and a snow suit that will turn him into a puffball with sticks for arms, it cannot come soon enough!! I haven’t had snow, and I haven’t posted in weeks. At least you’re doing something constructive, even if it’s to tell us you’ve done nothing constructive. Hehe…

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