And in kindergarten all the teachers pointed at my corncob saddle and laughed.

Bon Appegeek has been nominated in the Humor category of the Food Blog awards at Well Fed Network. Cast your vote here through January 9. It’s a cliché to say this, but with all the wonderfully funny food blogs out there, I feel honored and flattered just to be nominated. It’s especially surprising because Bon Appegeek is only seven months old. I faithfully read some of the hilarious blogs nominated in the Humor category and have to confess that they’re far more deserving.

So I can’t rely on merit to ask for your vote, I’m not rich enough to bribe you, and I have too much pride to ask for it. Dignity must stand tall at all costs. However, this past Christmas I wanted a pony and didn’t get one. Don’t read anything into that statement. I’m just saying that my heart broke, I cried until my eyelids tripled in size, and I don’t know that anything can make up for the enduring pain of a life without a beautiful pony by my side, or under my side, or wherever it is that ponies stand when you have one, which I wouldn’t know, not having one.

Instead I leave you with a random photograph of the reflection of my camera on black beans soaking in water. If you look closely, you can almost make out the shape of the pony that nobody loved me enough to give. Please don’t let that affect your vote. Thank you.

Manipulative subliminal black bean photograph

5 thoughts on “And in kindergarten all the teachers pointed at my corncob saddle and laughed.

  1. You need to listen to Kasey Chambers’ song ” If I had a pony”. You’d cry even more.

  2. I voted for you because you never fail to crack me up…..I often think “Just WHERE does she come UP with this stuff!!!” and marvel at the wit I can only WISH I had!

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