Does My Blog Look Good In This?

UPDATE: Winners have been announced here.

Bon Appegeek is hosting the first 2007 edition of DMBLGIT?, a photography event that highlights some of previous month’s sexiest food and beverage photography from blogs around the world. Please take a look at the gorgeous submissions in last month’s event hosted by Matt of Abstract Gourmet, full gallery here, winners here.

I’m delighted that the four talented nominees in the Well Fed Network’s Food Blog Awards for Best Photography have agreed to serve as judges this month in addition to myself. You can still vote in the awards through January 9. To browse a clickable list of all nominees in every category, visit Faith’s link-active list at Blog Appetit. Due to the nominations, I’ve invited each judge to submit an entry to showcase their amazing work. Judge entries are ineligible for prizes, but I couldn’t resist the urge to stuff as much eye candy into the event as possible. Call me greedy.

Check the DMBLGIT? gallery regularly throughout the month as entries trickle in. The rules, submission guidelines, and judges are listed below. Good luck and happy viewing.

bullet Rules and notes:
· One entry per person.
· Photo must be taken by you.
· Photo must have been posted on your blog in December of 2006.
· Deadline is January 24 at noon CST (U.S.).
· There will be three category winners in Aesthetics, Edibility, and Originality, plus one overall winner.
· The gallery is here.

UPDATE: Winners have been announced here.
bullet How to enter:
1) Draft an e-mail with the subject line: Your Blog Name
2) Attach one qualifying food or drink photo (the version uploaded on your blog is fine, originals aren’t necessary)
3) Include the following information:
    a. Your name
    b. Your blog URL
    c. The URL of the post where the photo first appeared
4) Send the e-mail to Annie at: [removed] before noon on January 24.
5) Check to see if your submission is posted in the gallery within three days of your submission. If not, please alert me by e-mail or by comment to this post.

bullet The judges:
· Andrew of Spittoon Extra
· Bea of La Tartine Gourmande
· David of EatingAsia
· Lara of Cook and Eat
· Annie, that would be me (Keiko of the lovely Nordljus asked to withdraw for personal reasons)

UPDATE: Winners have been announced here.

12 thoughts on “Does My Blog Look Good In This?

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  2. Every month I look to see if I have a photo that’s presentable enough that I won’t embarass myself, since I don’t like to do overly styled food. Will check, but I can’t make any promises.

  3. I’ve had my eye on this event for a few weeks but I didn’t realize we had to submit photos from LAST month! I’ll give it a try anyways :) This is great for keeping us on our toes photography-wise. There are so many amazing submissions in the gallery.

  4. Hi,
    This is a great event, but is it limited to photos only? Mine’s an illustration based recipe blog. Could you please let me know if I qulaify for entry?

  5. Jen, janelle, Rachel: Best of luck to all of you!

    jacob: I’m sorry, but it is photography only—the judging would be thrown off by a drawing since the skills are so different. Your drawings are fun though. Why not host your own art contest? Andrew started this photo contest on his own, you could do something similar, even if it’s a one-time event.

  6. annie: I hope to make the announcement sometime between February 2 and February 5, depending on when the judges get their scores in. It will be posted here as a new post on the main page.

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