The best medicine.

Congratulations to Smitten Kitchen for the Well Fed Network’s Best Food Blog Award in Humor. It’s a beautiful blog with stunning photography and inspiring recipes, do visit and admire. In addition, visit the other winners, the nominees in every category, and other funny food blogs that I’ve listed below—some nominated, some not—but all more than deserving.

Food blogs that make me laugh have a special place on my counter, like black peppercorns. I constantly turn to them to add flavor and warmth to my day. Thanks to all who voted for me and for letting me sit on your counter alongside your other blogs.

The Humor nominees:

Acme Instant Food
Chef Manifesto
The Food Whore
Smitten Kitchen

Other funny blogs I enjoy:

David Lebovitz — Pastry chef…Americans…French people…it practically writes itself (also winner of Best Food Blog – Chef).
Fancy Toast — Imaginative, wacky, celebratory.
I’m Mad and I Eat — More angry tomato ranchers should write food blogs.
Lobstersquad — Original drawings and wry observations.
Matt Bites — I don’t know how I missed this one for so long. Don’t repeat my mistake.
The Traveler’s Lunchbox — So well known for quality that few point out that she’s also hilarious.

2 thoughts on “The best medicine.

  1. Yow, thanks for the mention. I always say, the appreciation of my peers is the greatest reward (and I wasn’t even in the running).
    I appreciate your blog too, as you know (and I didn’t tell you before now that I voted for yours, nope, no bribin’ and payoffs and stuff for that nice little mention).
    To infunny-ty and beyond!

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