Does My Blog Look Good In This? YES!

Results are in! The four judges and I went through the 64 fabulous DMBLGiT entries and somehow managed to score them in Aesthetics, Edibility, and Originality without pulling out our hair in agonized indecision. But I’m not complaining—stiff competition is a very good thing. So without much further ado…

Drum roll…
DMBLGiT? pom pom girls kick a little higher please…
KitchenAids to 10…
Just a little more ado…
Okay, the fighter jets are a bit much…
Envelopes please…

Overall Winners (4 with ties)
Aesthetics Winners (3)
Edibility Winners (3)
Originality Winners (4 with ties)
Honorable Mentions (3 selected)

Note: Images have been disabled for feeds to avoid formatting problems. Click each photo to see the original post where it appeared. Comments in quotes come from the judges.


Overall Winners (4)

Riceandnoodles1st Place Overall

Pistachio Nut & Vanilla Truffle from Mae of riceandnoodles

“Gorgeous styling.”

“Brilliant colors.”

“This has everything: beautiful textures, excellent lighting, a delicious subject, and lovely presentation.


Fer Food2nd Place Overall

Homemade Caramels from Fer of Fer Food

“Clean and simple.”

“I admit I’m a huge sucker for monochromatic photography, so I dig the purity of this one.”


Autres delices3rd Place Overall (tie)

Sablés Diamants Au Gingembre from Marie-Laure of Autre délices

“Delicious picture with a great quality of focus.”

“The ribbon adds a very elegant touch.”

“A very pretty photo with the colors and shine working together just right.”


FatFree Vegan Kitchen3rd Place Overall (tie)

Kiwano, Banana, and Pineapple Sorbet from Susan of FatFree Vegan Kitchen

“The colors and textures really work well. The repetition is a nice addition and well done.”

“Having eaten kiwano (yeouch!), you know it’s a good picture when I’m still dying to eat this!”


Aesthetics Winners (3)

Abstract Gourmet1st Place Aesthetics

Meanwhile in Italy… from Matt of Abstract Gourmet

“Great action shot.”

“Love the extreme contrast.”


Fer Food2nd Place Aesthetics

Homemade Caramels from Fer of Fer Food


“I found the side lighting and narrow depth of field effective for framing and highlighting the subject.”


Stonesoup3rd Place Aesthetics (tie)

Vanilla Creme Brulee from jules of stonesoup

“Fantastic shot. Nothing I’d change here. It’s perfect.”

“Wonderful idea, all that melting custard, yum.”


Edibility Winners (3)

Cafe Lynnylu1st place Edibility

Rosemary Focaccia from Lynne of Cafe Lynnylu

“Great light, perfect use of green rosemary as garnish.”


Lucullian Delights2nd place Edibility

Tartine Di Cioccolata E Prugne Secche (Small Chocolate & Prune Tarts) from Ilva of Lucullian Delights

“Love the gorgeously rich color here. But, my favorite part is the ring of icing sugar around the edge. It’s a really nice detail and tells a great story, helping to bring the story to life. I also like how in contrast to the sweetness of the subject, the photo is just a bit dark and moody. Very dramatic.”


Riceandnoodles3rd Place Edibility

Pistachio Nut & Vanilla Truffle from Mae of riceandnoodles

“Great little trail of pistachios.”

“The empty cup in the background is intriguing and clever.”


Originality Winners (4)

Abstract Gourmet1st Place Originality

Meanwhile in Italy… from Matt of Abstract Gourmet

“Beautiful picture. Love the movement.”


FatFree Vegan Kitchen3rd Place Originality (tie)

Kiwano, Banana, and Pineapple Sorbet from Susan of FatFree Vegan Kitchen

“Fantastically cool styling, serving these in the skins.”


I'm Mad And I Eat3rd Place Originality (tie)

Hard-Cooked Egg Pickled In Red Cabbage and Radish Brine from Cookiecrumb of I’m Mad and I Eat

“It’s like easter eggs without the shell! Quite pretty.”

“Mysterious and fascinating, definitely an original.”

Note for the curious: Cookiecrumb compares the taste of this pickled egg to a “deviled egg you didn’t have to devil.”


Stonesoup3rd Place Originality (tie)

Vanilla Creme Brulee from jules of stonesoup

“Beautiful DOF (depth of field) and ambiance created.”


Honorable Mentions (3)

If you bake a cake, you get to lick the bowl. If you host DMBLGiT?, you get to lick the entries. Or, er, you get to choose to highlight some entries that may not have won but scored well and caught our eyes. Since this month’s edition covers much of December’s myriad of holiday food, it’s not surprising that these picks reflect the vibrant colors and fun of that month. So in no particular order:

From Our KitchenHonorable Mention

Chocolate-Glazed Gingerbread Cake from Natalia of From Our Kitchen

“Twinkle, twinkle little cake! Love the red twinkle light accent in the back and the glossiness of the icing.”

“Very nice DOF (depth of field). A real atmospheric picture.”


Habeas BruleeHonorable Mention

Pear Liquor from Danielle of Habeas Brulee

“Rich! Quite gorgeous colors, and I love the background that adds a great additional splash of color and movement.”

“Very pretty, and that frost on the glass is cool.”


Grab Your ForkHonorable Mention

Making A Gingerbread House from Helen of Grab Your Fork

“I love the feel of this, like it is out of one of those stop-motion Christmas animation specials. The angle and all the drippy frosting bring more life to the image.”

“Nostalgic. The charmingly sloppy icing adds to the yum factor. You want to touch it when no one’s looking and lick your fingers.”


Congratulations to everyone. Next month’s event will be hosted by Erielle of the hilarious and lovely Fancy Toast. Check there soon to submit your best January photographs. Thanks to all the participants and a special thanks to each judge:

· Andrew of Spittoon Extra
· Bea of La Tartine Gourmande
· David of EatingAsia
· Lara of Cook and Eat

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16 thoughts on “Does My Blog Look Good In This? YES!

  1. Oh cool ! Thanks Annie and judges, lovely to be called both aesthetic and original, excellent shots all round and some very deserving overall winners… great job.

    Judging by the trend from the last two months I am totally making pistachio covered truffles next time round… :)

  2. Thank you so very much, Annie and Judges!!! I’m so happy! Congratulations to all the winners too!

    Annie, you’ve done a great job in hosting, thank you.

    Matt, and you’ll be seeing me in coffee shops! :)

  3. Thank you so much! That was from the first set of food photos I took with my new camera when I first got it, so an Honorable Mention is pretty exciting for me.

    Thank you to all the judges for putting in the time – with that gallery, it must have been tough to decide on winners.

  4. What an amazing group of entries! Thanks to the judges and the host for all their hard work, and congratulations to all the winners.

  5. Thanks to Annie for a superb job, and to the (daunting) panel of judges. In fact, with those stellar shooters choosing the pix, I didn’t think I had a chance. So I am very, very honored. Congratulations to all the rest of the photographers, whether or not you were singled out. It’s a good experience.

  6. I agree with Matt, the pistachio covered truffles looked like a winner from day one! (Note to self: pistachio covered truffles to be experimented on)!
    Annie you did a great job, the line up of pictures looked great!
    Can’t wait for the next round!
    And congrats to all the winners!

  7. Everyone: You’re all very welcome! I had a great time and felt honored to host. Congratulations again to each one of you.

  8. Thank you so much to Annie and all of the judges for the time and effort I know it takes to put all of this together! I feel very honored!!!

  9. Congratulation to all winners!!
    This round is soooo amazing! My favorite is “Meanwhile in Italy…” by Matt, and I’m glad it won.
    The judges had done wonderful job!

  10. Beautiful photos, everyone! Annie, I like how you included quotes about each photo. I’ll probably copy that when I host next month.

  11. I’m so excited to see my photo up! You did a wonderful job hosting. I especially like that you included quotes from the judges. Thanks!

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