After the worst Midwestern winter I’ve seen since the 1970s when I was only a wee oblivious non-cooking tot, spring has finally come. Many people like to put flowers in bottom-heavy glass vases to celebrate. Like so.

Lilies in vase

I prefer rolling pins. They don’t need water, they never wilt, and when was the last time flowers ever made you a pie? Rolling pin storage has caused me misery until now. This system beats storing them on top of my dusty refrigerator where the trolls and spiders live. It will do until I win the lottery and have enough wall space to hang them out of the way next to the solid gold pins that I’m sure I’ll buy for my sexy new personal chef, Raoul.

Rolling pins

I am, perhaps, prouder of this idea than I should be. Back to spring cleaning. I’ll be sure to let you know if I find something else to store vertically instead of horizontally.

6 thoughts on “Upended.

  1. hmmm,
    I guess they can look arty, but I’d be afraid of them falling & breaking the vase….
    Just call me traditional :) vase = flowers

  2. Mallika: Yes, they’d make a terrible centerpiece for the table, heh.

    mike: Don’t worry, they’re safely behind some baskets for easy grabbing. I did make sure to use bottom-heavy vases.

    Lydia: They might even get used more!

    Callipygia: Even better than robins, I think.

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