Some dreams do come true.

When I was a child, the old Willy Wonka movie fueled fantasies about candy teacups, lickable walls, and chocolate waterfalls. That movie probably helped thousands of dentists buy Rolexes. Good for them. My obsession with sweets faded, but the sight of big candy, cool candy, and lots of candy still reminds me of the days when just thinking about sugar made me giddy.

Recently I placed an order for 5 pounds of cocoa and 11 pounds of white chocolate for the wedding cake. I’d never purchased bulk chocolate before and didn’t quite know what to expect. The package arrived with two big bags of cocoa, pretty boring as candy goes. But the white chocolate, all 11 pounds of it, came packed into one enormous solid brick. When I grunted just to pick it up, I knew I could finally fulfill one of the greatest fantasies of all time—bite into a candy bar more than twice the size of my head. And I have a big head.

Oh no she didn’t.

White chocolate

Oh yes she did!

Just a bite

13 thoughts on “Some dreams do come true.

  1. You must have mighty strong teeth. Having worked in a food co-op that got these huge candy bars in on a regular basis, we broke them up using a hand pick and a hammer!

  2. rachel: totally!

    Shalini: Totally!

    Hye Chong: I worried about that too, but the white chocolate was a lot softer than dark chocolate would have been. My teeth sank right in.

    cookiecrumb: Thanks! I had to take two bites because I felt that the first bite wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough. :D

  3. I used to work in a bakery and we got those huge Callebaut bricks. Our pastry chef would hold one higher than her head, shout “BIG NOISE!!” and drop it to the ground to break it up. It was such amazing chocolate.

    Uh….I kinda know those aren’t your teeth marks, but it’s funny still!

  4. OK, if that was me the chocolate would have been all gone, not just a bite…
    Our local market here in Melbourne has a fantastic variety of chocolates. I’ve been using some of the divine 85% chocolate in souffles, just perfect for winter. That recipe will be posted soon!
    We can’t wait to see the finished cake that you are creating!


    Kate: Cool, I’m going to drop my bar as soon as possible! And those actually are my teeth marks. I’d be really mad if someone else bit into my chocolate.

    Mike: If I ate that much 85% chocolate I’d be able to fly and lift buildings!

  6. That was FABULOUS! Was it everything you’d hoped and dreamed it would be? Just the mention of Will Wonka brings back sugary dreams, filled with lollipop trees and little people singing strange songs. Oh, and remember the TUNNEL? That used to scare the bejeezus out of me!

  7. Mallika: I didn’t, but if I don’t end up using this for the wedding cake, I will!

    Jesska: It was delicious, but in my dreams I wore a sparkly pink dress and was a princess. So it’s not quite all I hoped that it would be, but close! That tunnel chicken gave me nightmares.

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