Be one with peas.

Clipping fingernails is risky. You can’t just trim them willy nilly like I did yesterday without considering the consequences. Today I bought three pounds of fresh peas in the pod from the farmer’s market and had to shell them with blunt thumbnails. I admit it—I wasn’t thinking.

Happy first birthday, Sweet PeaThree years ago if you told me that I’d love peas, I would have laughed at you. When I was a kid, mean lunch ladies in hairnets dumped cans of gray peas into steam trays to sit for four hours. They should have dumped them into the garbage directly and saved us all a lot of trouble. Well, one recipe changed my mind, and I’ve been in love with peas ever since. The canned peas are still on my hate list, but frozen peas often please. Fresh peas, however, uplift. A quick steam, a tiny pat of butter, and a sprinkle of salt elevates them even more. Too much butter or even a little black pepper distracts from the purity of the sweet popping green. I can’t think of a better meal for a birthday.

Three years ago if you told me that I’d celebrate the first birthday of my food blog I would have said, “What’s a food blog? And are they as awesome as they sound?” Yes, they are! Not mine, I mean in general, which is why I had to start one myself. You write about food! And people read it! Then you do it again! The 3% of so of you who don’t have food blogs should really start one, just like I did.

It was mixed first year, as first years tend to be. My very first photograph won third place in originality in a DMBLGiT? contest, but then I argued that burnt rice consumption results in hot sex. I successfully baked a pie for the first time in nearly 20 years but then advocated using your pets for cooking. I hosted DMBLGiT? in January but then had to go and mention Barry Manilow. I suffered, sweated, and made mistakes (I meant to reference The Exorcist, not Poltergeist), but I also made exciting new obsessions discoveries, disseminated pasta porn, and shared ideas. I was even nominated for an award! Then I had to go and nominate myself for Supergeek of the year.

I regret nothing. Not even the thumbnails. They would have just turned green anyway…green with envy because they didn’t get to eat these awesome birthday peas!

Fresh peas

17 thoughts on “Be one with peas.

  1. Happy, happy Peaday! And Blogday! And other such made up celebratory landmarks as sanctioned by Hallmark!

  2. Peaday! I love it! A new holiday…..

    I am on the fence about peas but think I should try fresh ones in the shell for the experience, and not just to get green fingernails. I can eat them in a dish, not plain or by themselves yet, but I am a big girl and I can keep an open mind.

  3. Happy blog birthday. And if you’re keeping a tally, I am totally there with the peas, either fresh or frozen, but never canned!

  4. Congratulations on your blog birthday! My one-year is next week. I think I’ll celebrate with chocolate instead of peas!

  5. Congratulations on your blogging birthday, having just had mine, it’s a highly satisfying achievement. And best wishes for a wonderful year ahead.

  6. Happy blog birthday! And I AM green with envy. I’ve never even seen fresh peas. And I will now hang my head and admit to liking canned peas–one of the two things I could stomach during 3 months of morning sickness, so I now have a kid who likes them too. We’re such Philistines!

    PS–You’ll probably win another DMBLGIT award for the final photo of the peas/tendril. I’d hang that one on my wall.

  7. Happy birthday to your blog!! Your cat looks like he’s thinking back on the past year too. “Remember when Annie used me to measure out her butternut squash? Ah that was great.”

  8. jess: Thanks! I wish every day was peaday.

    Kate: Like you, I used to just tolerate them okay in things like tuna salad, but it really was that Jamie Oliver recipe I linked above that changed my mind about eating them en masse. The scallions and mint help ease you into them, I think. And frozen peas are definitely less of a time commitment than fresh.

    Kalyn: Thanks! To be honest, I don’t know that I’ve ever actually eaten canned peas—I usually pushed them aside. They looked like balls of death.

    Lydia: Congrats to you too! I’ll eat chocolate to celebrate with you, heh.

    kathryn: Thanks so much, and congratulations to you too!

    SusanV: Thank you! By the way, I love canned chicken salad (should I even admit that?), so believe me, I’m not a snob about canned food. But those peas caused me childhood trauma, probably because my parents never made them for me and got me used to them.

    cookiecrumb: Thanks! I can’t believe it’s been a year already either. It snuck up on me.

    Shalini: Heh, I don’t know how that cat gets into my food pics. Good timing, I guess. The other cat is probably angry, but that’s his usual state, so.

    Alanna: Thanks! I think you may have been my first commenter. Hopefully not the last. :)

  9. Oh yes, Pea Happy Day, Day Happy Pea…um, Happy Day! Congrats on turning 1! Wow, so many big words for a 1 year-old, “disseminated” and “consumption”. I’m impressed.

    I think I will have to jump on this supergeekdom and start my own blog. I don’t know if I can just stick with one topic, although the majority of my life revolves around food. So, I may join the 97% of you guys and start my own….more to come on this thought! :)

  10. Happy birthday! Time really flies with blogging doesn’t it? Your pea story made me giggle. I’ve never bothered with shelling fresh peas. Too lazy…

  11. Happy Blog-day! I love the pea-cake with the birthday candle. I loooooove fresh peas and confess that I am spoiled. The local market here sells them already shelled, and if not, then my maid shells them for me. It’s one of the few foodie perks of living abroad. ;) Best wishes on your second blogging year!

  12. Happy Blog Birthday! Here’s to many more entries with lovely photos, and even more important, your one of a kind humor! It’s been a pleasure keeping up with your cooking adventures, and I look forward to the debacles of the future! Oh, and the final pea photo…stunning!

  13. Hye Chong: Lots of people have regular blogs with lots of food on it. There really aren’t any rules. Do what you love!

    Rachael: Thanks. :)

    Mallika: I was shocked a year had passed, definitely. I’ve heard there’s a pea sheller out there…

    poppy: Pre-shelled peas! Oh I’m jealous.

    Jesska: Thanks so much!

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