Good-bye farmers, good-bye broccoli, good-bye green beans.

Sticky green beans

Back in November I wrote a post about the final week of the local farmer’s market: about the gift of free broccoli from my favorite stand, the last green beans of the season, the hand-lettered cardboard sign that said “SUPER TENDER.” You would have kissed your rutabagas and wiped away tears after reading that entry…had I remembered to post it. Oh well.

I’m swamped with a personal project this winter, but I wanted to revive this photo to share the recipe for Chinese Restaurant Style Green Beans, from Fine Cooking magazine’s food blog, The Kitchen Sink. The butter browns and adds rich flavor to the beans while the honey thickens into a sweet goo. Think garlic attack, but in a good way. Think sticky chicken wings rich with honey and soy sauce, but with green beans. The chewy, sweet, and salty aspects of this dish satisfy me on their own, but if you insist on other food with your veggies, this would go well with anything from Chinese food to a nice steak and potato.

Sticky Green Beans

Adapted from here

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