The kitty isn’t even wearing green.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Why is there a picture of a cat on a food blog on St. Patrick’s Day? Moreover (if you’re the type of person who uses the word ‘moreover,’ which I’m not, except just now), why does the picture include an oxalis plant which isn’t even a real shamrock?”

Irish catGood questions. First, note that the cat is a redhead, a sure sign of Irish blood, if I ever saw one. You can’t tell from this picture, but he has green eyes too, and they’re a smilin’. Second, I’ve always loved the dainty oxalis plant and the shimmery purple undersides of the triangular leaves. The little white flowers constantly bloom, never failing to add pleasure to my day. Aside from the counter where my cobalt blue Artisan KitchenAid mixer sits, it’s the brightest spot in my home.

Imagine my shock when I came home one day to an overturned pot and a pile of dirt. Not one leaf, flower, or stem remained. My cats had eaten the entire plant, including the roots. Oxalis, it turns out, is not just a pretty flowering houseplant, it’s THE GREATEST CAT SALAD OF ALL TIME.

See? That’s food-related.

The best time to buy an oxalis is starting tomorrow, when stores slash the prices after the holiday. Keep them in a crowded pot and they’ll multiply like crazy. The more light they receive, the deeper the purple hue under the leaves will be. Oh, and either hang them up far away from your cats or provide a nice anchovy vinaigrette on the side. It wouldn’t hurt to keep a vacuum cleaner nearby either.

4 thoughts on “The kitty isn’t even wearing green.

  1. Oxalis is mildly poisonous to humans, and probably is to cats as well. Better keep an eye on your meow.

  2. Josh: Thanks, I will. The oxalis they ate was actually out of their range…so I thought. Now I keep my oxalis in a cat-free room.

  3. I hope that pretty irish kitty doesn’t suffer any ill effects of eating an entire plant like that. Who knew cats liked SALAD?

    well, one of mine eats peas….so I suppose anything is possible

  4. Kate: Maybe it’s the shape of the peas that your cat likes so much. One of my college roommates had a cat who never touched any of our food. Then one day we threw out some cauliflower leaves. She tore into the garbage while we were in bed and ate all of it. Who knew?

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