Whaddya mean we have to change our clocks this weekend?

I passed by a display of fresh asparagus at my grocery store yesterday. “Bah,” I said with contempt (as opposed to saying “Bah” with reverence). “Vegetables out of season taste awful.”

Then I remembered that it was March. Asparagus season.

“Holy crap,” I said. “When did it become asparagus season?”

It’s a tough winter when I can’t even remember that it’s asparagus time. I may be moving to parts unknown, to careers unknown, to foods unknown. It’s all unknowable and I don’t really know. But one solid decision I’ve made is that I have to shift away from my initial vision for this place.

My stats tells me I have 271 people who subscribe to Bon Appegeek just so they can read it when I update. Your faith in me is remarkable, matched only by my remarkable failure to deliver. I’ve let you down. I’ve let myself down. I’ve let the asparagus down.

It’s not that I don’t want to post, it’s that I painted myself into a corner with my initial vision for the blog. Back when I started it, I wanted every post to have nice photos and thoughtful posts, or at at least as nice and as thoughtful as I could manage with my limited talent. I hoped to improve my photography and have time to research interesting foods. Life has pulled me away from these goals, and I don’t think Life will let me get back to them anytime soon either.

So I’ve decided that the blog will now feature bad photos and thoughtless posts. Kidding. I’ve decided that I don’t have to post a photo every time and that every post doesn’t have to be read 90 times before publishing (I’m a little obsessive-compulsive). If that 271 number drops as a result, that’s okay. Even 71 subscribers is something. I know lots of people who don’t even have one subscriber. Isn’t that awful? It’s probably because they don’t have blogs or know what blogs are, but still. Sad.

I hope the 71 who stick with me still like what I offer. If not, I won’t be hurt if you leave, not even if it’s you, subscriber number 148 on Lincoln Drive in Des Moines, or you, subscriber 201 on West Elm Boulevard in Walla Walla. That’s right, I know where every single one of you live. Don’t let that the fact that I also have compromising photos of 92% of you affect your decision.