When failure can be sweet.

JOB SEARCH. These are two of the most miserable words in the English language. They make your stomach ooky and keep you from posting to your food blog as much as you used to. Before I started my job search, life was more idyllic, and the two most miserable words in the English language were FALLEN CAKE. Actually, for this particular post, the seven words CAKE THAT NEVER HAD A FREAKIN’ CHANCE are probably more apt.

Chiffon cake, sortaMy chiffon cake recipe warned that it’s far better to overbeat the egg whites than underbeat them, lest you end up with a doughy chiffon cake bottom. What the recipe didn’t tell me is that over-overbeating is the worst of all because not only do you end up with a doughy cake bottom, you don’t technically end up with a chiffon cake at all. You end up with an over-sized doughnut.

I should have known something was wrong when the stiff wad of egg white I attempted to fold into the batter wouldn’t break up without heavy stirring, which if you know anything about folding, is the opposite. Unlike folding, stirring is essentially unfolding, and unfold it did. Helpful tip: When you can’t spoon batter into a two-piece angel food cake pan but instead have to hastily wrap the bottom of the pan in foil then pour in the batter, things have already gone very very wrong, so you might as well let the dreading begin.

But you know what? It wasn’t bad. Sort of like a poundcake. I hope the job search goes better.

5 thoughts on “When failure can be sweet.

  1. Job search. Ooky.
    When I lost my last job, I just called it retirement, and I’ve been retired ever since.
    Good luck, and so what: chiffon is so girly.

  2. I have made many the baking failures…and in my experience, the job search always works out when you least expect it to. I don’t think I could say the same about baking…

  3. cookiecrumb: I’d LOVE to retire. When I get that thing called money, I’ll do it.

    The Sweet Life: Yup, the job search may surprise me, but the cake failure didn’t, heh. Oh well.

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