For the birds.

Wait. Is this thing on? ::tap tap::

Wow. I have drafts in this here blog from three years ago, including an essay on why, in sandwiches and burgers, does the cheese have to go on top? Why can’t cheese ever be on the bottom? Is it because it melts and you don’t want it on your hands? In multi-layered burgers and sandwiches you may see cheese lower than on top, but only if there’s already a cheese layer on top. Imagine getting a burger with one slice of cheese and it’s on the bottom. Wouldn’t you freak out? Admit it. You probably would.

I deleted that essay. The loss to humanity cannot be measured.

Anyway, I’m popping back on for a minute to note that I have a Twitter account on which I post details about life, gluttony, and more gluttony. Here is it. Enjoy. As for this blog, I may update now and then with random food thoughts that will probably not include pictures. If I do update–and I’m sure it will be sporadic–it won’t be like it used to be. Life has gotten in the way too much for that. But I like knowing this place is here and that I can spit out a thought or two for anyone who might be interested. Like that cheese thing. I’m glad I got that off my chest. That’s about the level of brilliance you can expect right there.